R&B Music seems to be dead to some folks but not rising star Dari’on Lance (born Dec 21, 1994).The Rhode Island based singer has plans to bring real R&B back to life with his sensual , smooth , melodic sound as he would call it “Feel good music”.

“I grew up listening to Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Tyrese and Usher so I was bound to have the gift to be able to sing” states Dari’on. I was the popular kid in high school that would sing and rap right on the spot thats how high my confidence was as a yungin. I even did talent shows, birthday parties , open mics all that stuff”

Dari’ons describes his childhood to be ‘very fortunate’ Growing up in a family that didn’t have as much. His mother worked hard as a single mom to provide for him and his older sister along with the help from his grandmother. There were many moments where they had to eat off the dollar menu from McDonald’s or when the electricity was shut off they had to sleep in the dark. He was homeless twice in his life. Once at the age of 6 in Providence,RI and a second time at 23 in South LA. He also was in Foster care for a while with his siblings until his mother managed to push through and get them back into her custody. Although life had it’s rough stages Dari’on was strong enough to overcome these challenges he faced.

Since the age of 6 Dari’on has had a passion for singing and rapping. He always dreamed of becoming a star to give his family a life of financial freedom. He once stated that his 7th grade teacher Ms. Kayrouz said “She see’s him being very BIG and keep shooting for the stars anything’s possible”. Not only did his middle school teacher notice his gifts but many of his pairs have payed close attention to his promising talents. Dari’ons Intricacy , great work ethic and drive to make a difference in the R&B world is something unique but familiar.

Often compared to some of his

Idols such as Usher ,August Alsina and Lloyd he has made an incredible breakthrough while developing his sound and navigating his way into the music industry. Dari’on is known for his single “Trust” which was released in 2016. He gained exposure by entering competitions such as coast to coast in 2018 winning 1st place in a music video contest and 2 hot radio in 2019 which he got the opportunity to perform at the grammy museum in DTLA.

There’s one thing Dari’on shares in common with his industry pairs and thats to want to put out good music to the fans and change the world through his lyrics.  Be sure to watch Dari’on Lance on his journey to success turning a BIG dream to reality.